LIFE ESSENZ - Intuitive Life-Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Executives

For all those who are not satisfied with Mediocrity!

  • What do you actually do to keep your body healthy?
  • How do you keep your mind clear?
  • Do you have a strong community?
  • How exactly do you generate your crisis-proof income?

For years, these have been the most important topics I talk about with my clients, friends and mentors.

Reach YOUR life goals and discover your full potential with intuitive life coaching! Connect with your inner wisdom and find your own answers to important questions.

 Find YOUR way and let yourself be guided by our exclusive mentoring!

Why intuitive Life-Coaching?

"As a client, I feel very drawn to the idea of intuitive life coaching. It is reassuring to know that my coach trusts their intuition and inner wisdom to help me achieve my goals and reach my full potential. I look forward to finding my own answers to important questions and connecting with my inner voice and higher self. I am confident that developing self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-acceptance will bring positive changes to my life. I can't wait to work with an experienced coach and begin my journey towards a fulfilling life!"

LIFE ESSENZ is suitable for you, ...

  • If you are open to new paths in your life, but you are not sure which one is right for you.
  • If you have a certain "willingness to take risks" and leave your comfort zone.
  • If you are willing to reflect on yourself and desire long-term changes.

LIFE ESSENZ is NOT suitable for you, ...

  • If you just want to take a look without changing anything.
  • If you want 100% security, because it doesn't exist.
  • If you are looking for someone else to take responsibility and don't want to change yourself.

"Every change begins with a vision of the future!"

Christian Dankbar

Connector | Marketer | Investor | Coach

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